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Suggested Material List
Suggested Material List
A Wise Man Once Said "Don`t Buy More Than You Can Lift"
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For New Painters or Those Wanting To Update Their Supplies
Watercolour Brushes

(1) one inch flat
(1) #10 round or a small (#1) mop and a medium (#6) mop
(1) quarter inch flat
(1) "rigger"


4-5 sheets Arches 140lb cold press
(we will cut to various sizes during
Hint: please don't scrimp by buying cheap paper

Watercolour Pallette

Personal choice, but please allow for a minimum of 8 pigment wells and two mixing areas. Ones with room for additional pigments are best in the long haul. Robert Woods and Frank Webb palettes are great, but some cheaper ones can do the job too. One with a cover is the best opton.

Paints (these are the ones I use, but please feel free to use those you already own to avoid excess expense.) My basic pallette is Da Vinci Raw Sienna deep, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Antwerp Blue, Quinacridone Gold,Permanent Rose, New Gamboge. Recently I have been using neutral tint with some of the conventional colours to achieve great darks (a little of the tint goes a long way).
Additional colours I use are Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, opera Rose, Quinacridone Magenta and AZO Yellow (Graham Brand)

I recommend Winsor Newton brand or Da Vinci, Also some of the new honey based Graham pigments are quite nice, although I haven't tried them all yet.

Please note! If you already paint and have colours you like, don't rush out to get the ones listed here. These are only suggestions.


(2) water buckets (margarine containers, etc)
large box facial tissue
hard surface board (masonite or similar) large enough to
handle a half sheet of paper. (I varnish mine with spar varnish to make it water resistant to avoid warping.)
terry cloth towel large enough to cover the board
masking tape
(1) roll paper towel
sponge or 3 inch sponge brush
small spray bottle
small hair dryer
sealable water carrier if plein air painting

Suggested Material List
Please download and print out this list of suggested watercolour materials(PDF Acrobat Reader required).
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